Friday, March 2, 2012

Madison's St. Patricks Day Tights

Ok.  So this was probably one of the simplest, quickest projects I have ever done.

10 Minutes.  It took me 10 minutes to make these darling Leggins/Tights

I was in Joanns picking up some paper {for another project I'll show later}, and the line to check out was forever long.  For-ev-ferrrr.

Plus I had two rugrats.

Two rugrats who desperately needed quiet time.

And there they were, at 50% off, women's knee high socks.  They even had a fun St. Patricks theme going on.

And then I remembered that I had pinned a tutorial that used knee highs to make leggin's.  Perfect!

The tutorial was perfect {obviously because I was able to make it}.  Super easy.  All you have to do is cut off the toes, turn one sock inside out & place the other sock inside it.  Then you sew around {basically around the bottom of the sock}.

The heels become the crotch of the leggins.

Then I measured my little one, cut some elastic & sewed it inside.

And there you have it; cute little leggins!

The only thing I was sad about was the fact that this wouldn't work for much longer.  I guess if I found longer knee highs, then it would still work as she got bigger.  I guess there's always another future baby to make these on.

We have now wore them a couple of times & they have work well for this very active 2 year old!

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  1. JeNae you are amazing. Those tights are ADORABLE. I would wear them... well, they wouldn't look as cute on me as your sweet little girl :) what font did you use on your blog? i really like it!!

    1. Keri, the font that I used is Monster Paparazzi

  2. Those are so clever and cute! Nice work, Mama!

  3. I'm dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. These are adorable! Great job.

  4. Really cute! The other thing you could do (so they'd last longer) is just cut of the feet and hem the tops and make them into leg (or arm) warmers. I am in love with leg warmers right now, for every age, boy and girl! :)


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