Thursday, March 1, 2012

Madison's St.Patricks Day Dress

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So I don't normally make anything clothes-wise when it comes to the holidays, but this year for St. Patricks Day I wanted too.  Plus, how can you go wrong with some cheap shirts & fabric; all I'm doing is giving them a little flair!

I had boughten Madi this green shirt last year when Wal-mart had them on clearance for a buck...$1 people!  I wanted to try my hand at making some ruffles and adding them to the bottom of the dress.
Here's what I did...I hope it makes sense because I honestly did everything on a whim & just whipped it up.
Here's the cast of Characters:
~A Green Shirt
~1/2 yard of Coordinating Fabrics {I used the plain green as the base}

At first, I thought I was going to make a tiered skirt & sewing that onto the shirt, but then I wanted it to be ruffly.  So I got out some paper, layed the shirt down, and drew a trapezoid.  I then used that shape to cut out the plain green piece of fabric.  This is what I would sew all the ruffles onto too.

I then just cut out strips {4" wide} of the fabric.  Since I had my Mom's serger at my house, I serged both sides {to prevent fraying & make it easier for hemming} and then hemmed one side.  On the other side, I made a gathering stitch so I could gather the fabric.

Then, on the green piece of fabric, I used a pencil & ruler, and marked lines of where I wanted each piece of ruffle to be placed.  I then took each piece of ruffled fabric & pinned it the green fabric {making it fit of course}.  Then I sewed it down.

This is the underneath part where you can see where I stitched everything.  I let the bottom part of the green fabric be apart of the skirt as well by serging the bottom and then hemming it up.

And thats that.  Madi was quite excited to try it on!
And yes.  It's a little long....but that just means she can wear it next year too!

I was so happy that she was in a good mood that afternoon I took pictures....look at that adorable face!

I love these ruffles!  Especially the little green zebra jersey print :) when we put this dress on downstairs, Madi struck a pose without me even asking.  I thought it was so stinkin' adorable, so when we came upstairs to take pictures, I tried to get her to recreate it...this was the closest we got.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back tomorrow because I've got another fun St. Patricks clothes item...some darling Leggins'

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  1. Love love love this!!! I have been wanting to try to make a dress from a shirt and just need to go for it!! So cute!!


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