Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Winners June 19-June 25

We must just be having too much fun on Summer break because I realized that I didn't take many pictures; oh well, it gives me incentive to do better.

I did however make some chocolate cookies :)

I probably ate a dozen of these throughout the week

I had some willing taste testers

Birthday Party Games: I love all the little kids expressions!

Who would have thought that lighting the candle would be so intense???  :)

My Jax-Jax....He makes me smile :)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grilled French Bread Pizza

Why does dinner have to be so complicated sometimes.  There are some days that I really don't feel like standing over the stove making dinner.  And now that Summer is actually making it's presence here in Utah, I like to move away from the kitchen & use my grill-keeping all the heat outside instead of in.

On this one particular night, I didn't want to make pasta.  I had a loaf of french bread, waiting to be eaten, along with leftover pepporoni.  Wam, Bam, thank you Mam, dinner is served.

Quite easy too.  I used my standard Tomatoe Sauce {kicked up with spices}, pepporoni, cheese, and some green onion tops.  I heated up the grill on high, and then turned it down to low so the bread wouldn't char, and would allow the cheese to melt.

15-20 minutes.  I think that's all it took to whip up this dish.  And it was probally devoured in that same amount of time :)

One of these days, I'll have some shredded chicken & make a BBQ pizza; which will go perfect with all the green onions I have in my garden :)


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.   You might say that you have the best recipe, but this is my blog; therefore, mine is the best!

There are so many different kinds of Chocolate Chip cookies {from chewy to firm}, but these cookies are puffy, soft, chewy & yummy.

This recipe is one that I've grown up with all my life; I've never known my Mom to make any other.  And for a long time, I couldn't get my cookies to come out like hers; I kept screwing up the recipe somehow.  But now, with the little wisdom that I know in the kitchen, I am able to make these cookies & have them turn out just the way I had them growing up.

Everytime my Mom would make cookies, you could find my siblings & I taking spoons out of the drawer & swiping the dough.  I do it now too, but I'm an Adult, therefore I can :)

But I think the best way to eat these cookies is with a cold glass of milk; breaking the cookies in half & dunking every bite.

Would you like to try my most favorite cookie??



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Winners: June 12-June 18

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All Pictures taken with my Canon Rebel xsi

I went & helped out my cousin with her cooking segment on "The Daily Dish" & "Good Things Utah" this week {you know, moral support, food taster} and she made these lovelies:

We finished our T-Ball season.  My voice is thankful.

I finally attempted French Braids.  I think we still might wait a bit.

And it wouldn't be summer in Utah without the beginnings of ______ City Days {insert various cities}.  This one happened to be our very own Terrace Days.

Little Girl got so excited everytime a piece of candy flew her way.  Gigglely excited.

Great second week of Summer Vacation :)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Winners: June 5-June 11

Oh my goodness. It's been awhile since I've posted.  I guess that'll happen when you go on vacation for 2 weeks :)

For this week, I wanted to add a couple of pictures from our adventure down to Louisiana.  There were so many to choose from, that's how great of a time we had.

I live in Utah.  We have mountains.  It was so breathtaking to see these views of open skys as we drove through Texas.

I love my continuous setting on my camera so I can capture facial expressions like this.

I tried alot of new things while down in Louisiana.  One of them being Crawfish.  These suckers were delicious!

On a Swamp Tour

This kid missed half of New Orleans

At the Zoo

Driving for 13-14 hours a day {yes we took us 2 days}can get kinda boring.  So I took out my camera and tried to be creative.  I took pictures of my pop can, sunglasses, and myself through the mirrors.

Taken at my Son's B-day party; it was sort of  a quick snap, and I'm glad that I took it :)

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