Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Winners: June 12-June 18

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All Pictures taken with my Canon Rebel xsi

I went & helped out my cousin with her cooking segment on "The Daily Dish" & "Good Things Utah" this week {you know, moral support, food taster} and she made these lovelies:

We finished our T-Ball season.  My voice is thankful.

I finally attempted French Braids.  I think we still might wait a bit.

And it wouldn't be summer in Utah without the beginnings of ______ City Days {insert various cities}.  This one happened to be our very own Terrace Days.

Little Girl got so excited everytime a piece of candy flew her way.  Gigglely excited.

Great second week of Summer Vacation :)


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  1. That first shot...I just want to reach into my screen and grab one!

    I think you did good with the french braids! They aren't easy... keep it up!!

    And giggly excited is the best kind of excited. :)


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