Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orange Chicken

I don't know about you, but sometimes you have a great idea, you go for it, and then it falls flat :(

This was my experience the other night.  I wanted to make Orange chicken, keeping everything very simple {thinking that is all I had to do}.

I diced up my chicken & threw it into a plastic bag with some cornstarch.  My thinking was, as the chicken cooked up, and rendered off the cornstarch, the cornstarch would thicken up the sauce.  After the chicken cooked, I spooned it out onto a plate, and into the dutch oven I poured in the orange I had squeezed {from 2 oranges}.  I scraped up any bits on the bottom and then poured in my second mixture: 1 cup of chicken broth with the zest from the 2 oranges; I wanted to make sure there was enough orange flavor.  I wasn't happy with how the sauce looked, it wasn't thick enough.  Therefore, I made up a little cornstarch slurry and added enough to make me happy.  I then let it cook, bringing it back up to a boil.  I then turned off the heat & threw back in the chicken & toss everything together.
 It doesn't look that bad, does it??  I mean you can tell that it's orange chicken :)  It just didn't have orange flavor for my taste.  I guess I'll have to look up a recipe for the stuff & try it again.

The best part of the meal was the following vegetable:
My kids {all three}, husband & I ate it up.  I'm thinking that this veggie might make the cut in our garden this year.  I mean, I caught my boy in the kitchen finishing off the last of the bag {I bought a bag that you steam in the microwave}.


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