Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Winners March 20-26

{All pictures taken with my Canon Rebel xsi}

My baby boy giving me a kiss...I love his kisses :)
My cute baby boy :)
I discovered that Spring was on her way!

Me being "Creatively Crafty".

And although I didn't "push" the button on the camera, I do take credit for setting the camera up & then editing the picture later :)  I just had to add this picture because it was an important event to our family this week.  My oldest son {he's 5 1/2} & I ran a 5k for his school to raise money.  It was an awesome time.
Another great picture to remind me how much my family supports & helps me out when I need it :)
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  1. That's a wonderful family shot. Congrats on the run... way to go!

  2. That photo of you and the boys is so sweet. What a great capture! I have two boys that are now 25 and 19 years old. I loved raising boys. Always an adventure!

  3. Oh I love the family shot!
    Congrats on doing 5K. I can't even finish five minutes ;)

  4. That group photo is wonderful! What great smiles!! I'm so glad you included it.

  5. What a wonderful family shot! Definitely a Weekly Winner. Way to go with the 5K!!!

    That first shot made me "awwww" outloud.

  6. The shadow shot is great! I love it when you're able to get them! Congrats on the 5K, that's something to be proud of.

  7. Your pictures all made me smile, you look like such a happy family and your baby boy is the cutest kid ever!

  8. I love your week in pictures. There is so much love in these images. Love warms my heart. Absolutely beautiful!


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