Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cranberry Orange Scones

Thank you Ina Garten!

I don't remember if I saw her making these or if I had put "Scones" into the search index at, either way these scones were fabulous!

The flavoring was spot on.  Then again, how can you go wrong with cranberry & orange.  I mean, Great Harvest makes a great bread loaf out of those two flavors.

I was worried though when making the dough.  I followed the directions as written.  The dough was wet; more wet than I thought it would be.  It took some flour kneaded in to make it good enough to roll out.  I'm just happy that I had a dough scraper-it helped.

I think the topping of an orange glaze completed the entire scones.  These scones were moist on the inside & not at all bisquit like {because when you think about it, the ingredients resemble those of bisquit ingredients}. 

This recipe made more than the 14-16 scones it says on the recipe.  I think I made 3 dozen scones, but that could have been the size I was making them.

These will be made again :)

If you would like this recipe, you can find it here.



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