Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cranberry Raisen Bran Muffins

I like muffins.

If I'm a good Mommy, I'll make them on the weekends as a special breakfast treat.

On Monday, over at A Southern Fairytale, Rachel posted a recipe for her Cranberry Raisen Bran Muffins, and something clicked-they sounded so yummy.

I've never made Bran muffins before, so I was interested to see how they would turn out.

I really enjoyed them.  The addition of the craisens mixed in with the raisens made them just a tad bit sweeter.  Plus, how could I go wrong with these yummies....they've got fiber baby!  And fiber is a good thing to this lady; especially when you're trying to lose/maintain your weight.

I'll just have to say though, the recipe said that it would yield 2 dozen muffins and I ended up making 4 dozen muffins.  But it was all good.  I made these babies for a family dinner, so we ate some, I sent home some, and now I have some to enjoy the rest of the week.

If you would like this recipe, you can find it over here at A Southern Fairytale.



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