Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cold Weather Crops

As we start coming out of the cold winter months, nearing closer to summer, I dream/think about our garden for that year.

I really enjoy having a garden.  There's something to be said for having fresh produce in the house. 

Here is our lovely garden so far-not much to look at, but it has so much potential.

What am I excited for:

Spinach.  Some baby spinach to add to salads.  Only salads.  I don't do cooked spinach.

Fresh Lettuce.  Lettuce that will continue growing even after I snip some off.

Onions.  I decided that since I've been buying onions everytime I've gone shopping, we should just plant some.  And the great thing about onion bulbs is that I can get both green onions {by planting the bulbs closer together} and regular softball sized white onions {by planting the bulbs farther apart}.

I planted this parsley 2 years ago, and it's coming back in full swing.  This is one of the many herbs that I plan on having this year.


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