Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicken & Pesto-Pepper Sandwiches

If you remember, I have this thing.....wait.....scratch that.  I have this love-affair with bread.  Yummy, delicious, rustic bread.  I could sit and eat an entire loaf of sourdough & be perfectly content.  When I was planning meals for two-weeks out, I wanted to have some sandwiches on Ciabatta Rolls.  Specifically the multi-grain Ciabatta Rolls from Sam's Club {because they're cheap there, but still delicious}.  So I tried to think of some yummy combinations that my family would enjoy.

And that's when this Sandwich was born: Chicken with some Pesto Mayo, Italian Cheese, and Sweet Bell Peppers; all on a toasted Ciabatta Roll.

What to know how I made it???

Come on, I'll show ya how!

Chicken & Pesto-Pepper Sandwiches

For the chicken part, I kept it real simple; I headed to Sam's Club and picked up one of their fresh rostisserie chickens.  Why you ask???  Because I've gone through my stash of cheap chicken, and nobody's had a sale to replace my freezer.  Plus, at a $1.67 per pound, the only labor that I have to go through is getting all the chicken off the bone.  Plus, this chicken will last us through another two meals.  So all-in-all, smart deal.

Next comes the star of my show, the Ciabatta Rolls.  You can purchase an 8-pack of them at Sam's Club for $3.99.  Again, these are pulling double duty in my house, using this package for two meals.

Slice the rolls open, place them on a sheet pan, and drizzle both sides with EVOO.  Toasted bread with EVOO tastes heavenly.

Next, pile on some chicken.

Now, you can add whatever kind of cheese you want, but....I used some of my favorite Italian Blend cheese to melt over the chicken.

Stick them underneath the broiler for a couple of minutes.  When you smell the Olive Oil, you know their done.

Next, prepare some Pesto Mayo.  At first, I was just going to make up some pesto sauce & mix it with the chicken, and then I thought it would be fun to turn it into a mayo & slather it on top of the bun.  Just taste some pesto & mix it with your favorite mayo.  Simple and easy.

Next, add some sweet bell peppers.  I always keep jars of sweet bell peppers in my pantry because I love them in my hummus.  The peppers add an interesting twist to the whole sandwich.

And some lettuce, and Wa-Lah!  You've got yourself a Sandwich!

This was very delicious, and my kids loved it!  They're kind of chunky, so I had only given my kids half a sandwich.  Jordan tore through one half, and wanted another one :)

I hope you try this out!  Enjoy!



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