Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Winners : Oct 31-Nov 5, 2011

-All shots taken with my Canon Rebel Xsi-
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Halloween.  November.  Snow.  That's about it in our household this past week.

We enjoyed Halloween.  You can't go wrong with some pizza, "Boogedy", and Trick-r-Treating.

Trick-r-Treating with our Halloween Posse.

Our Stash.  It filled my gigantic bread-dough bowl.  And did I totally go through & separate the candy.....Yes.  Yes I did.

I woke up Saturday morning, came upstairs to find this.  The snow came through the night before & left all this white stuff.  I am now thinking that it's suppose to be December & Christmas time instead of November & Turkey time.

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  1. LOVE the Halloween shots. And yes, how many of those candies did YOU take? hehehe

    And snow... crazy! That would totally throw me,too. Heck, Starbucks offering peppermint mochas has thrown me. Put snow in there and I'd be lost!


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