Monday, February 13, 2012

Organizing my Closet

As I was perusing Pinterest the other week, I came across this PIN
Instead of pinning it to my board, I decided to immediately put it into action.

Here was the state of our Hallway Closet.  Everything has kind of been thrown in organization at all.

So I took everything out.

I folded the towels & stacked them nicely.
I used the Martha Stewart idea, and stuck each sheet set in their own pillow case.
I threw out an entire bag of garbage.
I compressed alot of things, so I had a large basket & two small baskets that came out.

Here's what it looks like now:

I like the idea of each sheet set being together.  Before, they were sort of haphazardly throw together in the same backset.  And although they aren't as pretty as Martha' works for me.


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  1. So organized and lovely!!


  2. I love this idea! After a month, how's it holding up?

    1. It's actually still pretty good...a few more towel are in there, but other than that, we've done a good job keeping it clean.


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