Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hamburger Cupcakes

Yes.  I said Hamburger Cupcakes.

Should I be a little more specific and say, "Cupcakes that look like Hamburgers" ??

My little man had a birthday this week.  My husband & I like birthdays because it gives us a chance to be creative.


So my Bubba LOVES hamburgers.  LOVES.  And he can pound them down.  He has eaten the Texas burger {from Burger King} twice.....Twice.  Holy.Cow. kiddo.  So when I found in the Food Network Magazine this Picture {and correlating recipe}, I knew that I needed to make it.  That was, until my son asked for cupcakes...not just a cake.

I had seen it done.  And then last week I saw someone had pinned Bakerella's version of what I would soon create.

I think they turned out so cute!!  I'm very pleased with myself.

The bun is a yellow cupcake {from a box}.
The seeds are rice krispies held on by a powdered sugar glaze.
The patty is brownie {from scratch}.
The mayo is white frosting.
The cheese is orange-tinted fondant.
The fries are sugar cookies with sugar as the "salt".

I'm very proud of my "fries"; I followed a tip from my friend who said to make sure that you cut them small.  I also rubbed the sugar onto the top of the dough before they went into the oven; and it worked out well.
It was very simple.....Just took a little bit of time :)

I think that my little man enjoyed his "Hamburgers"


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