Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tomatoe-Basil Alfredo Sauce

Mmmm...Pasta. I'm definitely a carbaholic.
Or a carbasoraus.
Either way...I love bread & pasta.
Tonight I wanted to switch it up and make my alfredo sauce & pair it with some Veggie Pasta.

First, I started out with some Butter & Flour

And made a Roux

Apparently I like to make funny faces while cooking.  But...nevermind that.  I took some warmed-up milk {with some garlic} & stirred it into my roux.  And stirred, and stirred and stirred away....

Until it thickened up and started to boil.

I took the pan off the stove..waited a couple of minutes, and then added two handfuls of cheese.  I stirred once again.

So, up above I went from a bechamel sauce, to an Alfredo sauce, and now we're going for the tomatoe-basil part.  I just so happened to have some fresh basil from the garden, which I was very excited to use.

I dumped & stirred.  And then I just let it hang out for awhile.

After the pasta had cooked, and before I dumped it, I took some of the pasta water out so I could thin out the alfredo sauce.  I did two splashes, but, I think I should have done a little bit more.  Then the pasta & sauce met each other.....

And gave me dinner :)  My son ate two helpings of this.

And just for added's another goofy picture of myself:

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