Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Enchilada Pasta

Who would have thought that the genres of Italian & Mexican would make such a delicious dinner.  I never would have thought of it; that is until I was looking at a link party & saw the recipe for this and thought, "hmm...why not".

Well, as it came close to dinner time tonight, I looked over that recipe & realized that I had not planned very well.  So I did what I do best & created my version .  The best part was using veggies from my very own garden.  Yay!!!  I found another use for tomatillos!

I loved all the peppers that went into this sauce.  I like cooked peppers.

After the sauce had simmered, I tasted it and boy did it have a little kick to it.  Luckily, I had bought some sour cream from the store, so I added 2 TB and mixed it in to take a little bit of the edge off so my kids would enjoy it.

Adding the masa to the liquid before I pureed it, was a little tip I picked up from reading the Pioneer Woman's cookbook.  I think it helped the sauce stick to the noodles :)

Would you like my recipe????



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  1. Yummy. I would love for you to share this delicious pasta on my mommy solution meme.



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