Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zucchini Week 2011 : Main Dishes

So, after Desserts, Breads, & Side Dishes, I am now going to showcase some dinners that I make when Zucchini comes on.
First...Pizza....Who can go wrong with Pizza!

 Roasted Veggie Zucchini Pizza

Basically, I pulled every veggie {that was ready to be picked} out of my garden, sliced them up, seasoned them, and threw them on a sheet pan to roast.  We had the following veggies: Onions, Zucchini, Anaheim Peppers, & Red-Green-Yellow-Orange Bell Peppers.  After roasting the vegetables, I scattered them on my favorite pizza crust recipe, added some cheese, and then cooked.

Roasting all the veggies makes this pizza extra delicious!   Did I miss the pepporoni????  Nope.

Next, a great BBQ treat....

Zucchini Kabobs

 I marinated my meat in some of my Cilantro-Ranch-Tomatillo Sauce, and kept my skewers really simple {meat & zucchini}.  I really liked these kabobs.  Since I cut the meat into smaller pieces, the meat & zucchini cooked at the same time.

Third, a dish that I make every year, especially with my Zucchini that has grown a little bigger...

Zucchini Parmesan

I love using my oven to help me cook my Zucchini.  I still get a crisp outside without standing over the stove frying them up.  Another trick that I used to make the Zucchini crispy???  Coating them in bread crumbs {mixed with parmesan, of course}, and adding a little EVOO to the top of them.

Another dish that I make every year is:

Lasagna ~ala~ Zucchini

I've done this lasagna two ways: either using lasagna noodles & having a zucchini filling or using the zucchini as the "noodles" and having a meat sauce.  Whichever way, they're both delicious!

I hope this gives you an idea when it comes to making dinners utilizing Zucchini :)
Just Remember...if you have a zucchini recipe to share, click on the Zucchini Week Tab and add it to the Linky :)

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