Friday, August 19, 2011

Zucchini Week 2011: Dishes I want to Try {and maybe you will too!}

So.....after showcasing everything that I've done with Zucchini & nothing new to share {yet....I still have lots of Zucchini}, I thought I would show you some recipes that I've found that I want to try {and maybe you will too}.

The recipe looks easy enough, and I like muffins.

I thought this looked interesting, and I have basil growing so I can make the butter.

Looks & sounds good.

This would make a great side dish for dinner.

I've made Zucchini cakes once, and they didn't turn out so great.....these cakes look delicious.  I think my problem before was not getting rid of the excess liquid.

I was watching "Master Chef" the other week & they had to make a Souffle {for an elimination challenge}.  It looked so delicious.  This looks delicious.  And although I'm probably not willing to spend $10 of a pound of guyere cheese {that's a yikes! for me} & I'll probably switch it out, I really want to try this recipe.

Baked Chips.....Yes!


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