Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Canvas Photos

Look at the fun new display I have at my house:

I've been wanting to put something on the wall heading down to the basement...

I'm sure you've seen this idea floating around the internet.  I did.  I pinned it.  I got the supplies.  I went to work.

But let me tell ya....it's not as easy as it looks.

Try as I did to make sure that there were no crinkles and such, I still got some...

Little wrinkles that showed up after I tried to carefully smooth on the picture...

And poor Madison's photo.  Kind of looks bad at certain angles & up close and personal.

But through all the faults, I still like them.

Here's how I did mine:
{Sorry. No Pics}

-Canvas.  I went to Hobby Lobby and got some 8x10 canvas that they sold in a 2-pack.  It was on sale.  It was great.
-Paint.  One tutorial I saw used Scrapbook paper to line the edges.  I just went with some acrylic 50 cent paint.  And with that paint, I painted the edges and little bit on the top.
-Pictures.  I just recently took these pictures, and their my faves of the kids right now.  I print out on my printer 8x10 copies of the pics.  I did however have to trim a bit around; just enough for it to fit on the canvas.
-Modge Podge.  This is what I used to adhere the photo to the canvas.  I also did a coat on top for that all-around crafty look.

And that's that.  A wonderful project to add to my home!

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