Friday, December 16, 2011

Indonesian Chicken

This is recipe #2 featuring Ginger.  When I mentioned this recipe to my Husband, he was excited to try it out.

This particular recipe I found over at FoodNetwork.Com courtesy of Ina Garten.  The ingredients looked simple enough, and in fact, the entire recipe looked simple enough to put together.  Marinate & can I go wrong.

So in trying these new recipes, I've wanted to stay true to what has been written.

I had to fudge on this one.  Here's what I did:
  • First, as you've probably noticed, I didn't use whole chicken {and then take them apart}.  I just grabbed two chicken breasts out of my freezer, and pounded them flat.
  • I didn't grate my ginger....well, not all of it.  I started grating it & it was taking forever.  So I decided to thinly minced the portion of ginger needed.
  • I only had half of the soy sauce that was called for.  And guess what???  The chicken still tasted fantastic.
  • I forgot to marinate it overnight.  I did take the chicken out to thraw, so that's a plus right :)  The chicken just marinated for a couple of hours.

I enjoyed the ease of taking the chicken from the refridgerator to the oven.  And the chicken came out so moist and flavorful.

I served it along side some leftover ginger rice and a green salad....we gobbled it all up.

This was a great dinner, so try it out!


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