Monday, March 5, 2012

*Lucky* T-Shirts

-Sorry about the horrible lightning.  Forgot to take some pictures earlier in the day.-

So I've showed you two pieces of clothing I've made for my little girl, today I'm showing off some t-shirts I made for my boys.  Because they too, needed something for St. Patricks Day this year.

These are just fun shirts that I made using freezer paper.

I got the green shirts at Hobby Lobby.  They were on sale.  Hobby Lobby wasn't busy.  Joanns was.  Hobby Lobby had so many colors.  Joanns had no green shirts.  Thank goodness for sales!

I used Microsoft Officer Publisher to print my template.  Printed it out & because I couldn't find my exacto knife, I had to trace it onto the freezer paper, and then cut it out.

I did two coats of paint for each color.  Then peeled away the paper, and heat-set the shirt.

This took me about an afternoon to complete.  Cutting out the stencil was the longest part {unless you count waiting for the paint to dry}.

This shirt is so cute & simple that it can be worn past March 17th.

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