Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Microwaved Pineapple Upside Down Cake

If you remember from a previous post, my brother is stationed over in Okinawa, Japan, and unfortunately does not have a kitchen.  He does however, have a microwave.  My sweet friend Tiffany {from Simply Complicated} sent me some recipes for microwaved cake to try out.  Tonight, my husband wanted something sweet {he wanted to make a cake...but I didn't want to have a huge cake around considering Turkey day is just 2 days away} so I told him that I would try out these recipes.

They worked.  You must be warned though...do not expect cake cake {like what you would get out of the oven}; my husband said it was more custard-ie.  I like it...my husband ate it...all of it.

So here it is:

Microwaved Pineapple Upside Down Cake

 In a bowl, add 4 T of flour & 4 T of sugar

Add an Egg, 3 T of Milk, and 2 T of Oil

 Then add some vanilla....since this was just a plain cake {no chocolate}I think I added somewhere between 1-2 tsp of the vanilla.
 Mix it all together.
In a coffee cup {that's been sprayed}, line the bottom with cherries {I had some marichio cherries in my fridge} and a pineapple ring. 

 Pour in your batter.  Cook it in your microwave for 3 minutes.

 Not the prettiest thing....but like I said, my husband ate it; and it tasted good.

So if there ever come a time in your life that you need to make a dessert using the microwave, give this a try.


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