Monday, November 1, 2010


If you've lived in Utah long enough, you know that sometimes we don't get our seasons.  I mean, we really never got spring this last year, and I almost thought that we wouldn't get to have a lengthy fall season; but luckily we're having it this week.  I'm so glad that the temps decided to go back up this week in Northern Utah.

Some things that I love about fall are: One, the colors.

It's such a neat thing to see the leafs change colors.  From green, to yellows, to reds.

Second, I love the fact that I can wear long sleeve shirts, but still wear flip-flops.

Third, because fall brings cooler temperatures, we're able to take walks in the beautiful woods {behind my parents house} without sweating to death.

Well...maybe some walking & some riding in Grandpa's red wagon.

Yay Fall!


  1. Wow! Love that picture of the yellow leaves basked in sons, gorgeous!


  2. Ugh, that picture of the baby with the giant flower is just TOO cute!! Love it!


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