Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooking Challenge- PW's Roasted Corn Salad

With a later indoor soccer game & being tired afterwords, I wasn't able to post what scrumptious thing we ate last night.  I thought I would write it up now as another scrumptious dinner is cooking in the oven.

After later finding the recipes online for previous posts, I'ved looked hard to find the recipe online; but it's not there.  So you'll have to go here:
and turn to page twenty-six.

When I saw this recipe, I really wanted to try it out; and pairing it with some grilled chicken would have made a great dinner.  Everything was so simple to prepare.  With it being the dead of winter though {and cobs of fresh corn not to be found} I opted to go with some frozen corn that I really enjoy.  Grilling everything from the chicken to the veggies gave the meal such yummy flavoring.

For the chicken, I decided to sprinkle it with some EVOO & Cajun spices.  I pounded out the chicken breasts to even them out so that grilling them wouldn't take forever.  The chicken turned out very moist; just the way I like it.
All the veggies were delicious!  The salad used a balsamic vinegar-olive oil dressing.  My husband's not a big fan of balsamic vinegar, so this wasn't the "best thing" to him; I however enjoyed it-it had that little bit of something-something.
I only used half the dressing though; and I don't know if it was because I had to guess on the frozen corn {because the recipe called for 8 ears of corn}.


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