Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Use for Freezer Paper

So I have these extra fannel fabric squares.  I also have alot of freezer paper.  Plus I have my Mom's Cricut machine.  I decided to put all three to good use.  I realized that if I ironed on freezer paper to both sides of the fannel fabric, I would be able to put it into the cricut and have it cut out designs for me.
Here's what I did:
*My already cut fabric sqaures were 5" x 5", so I just cut freezer paper that was the same measurements.  The freezer paper makes the fabric stiff & keeps it stable on the cricut mat.
*I put four squares on, but in the end I only used three, although I'm sure I could have just used two
* I planned on cutting a 4.5", 3.5", 2.5", 1.5", & a .5" flowers, but in the end I only used the three bigger flowers.
* Now on regular fabric, it cut through pretty easily; but with this thicker fabric, my Mom said to use a deeper cut blade; but I didn't have that.  The Cricut pretty much cut through everything {it's ok for the top paper to come apart} but I did take my exacto knife and went through all the lines.
* Here's the largest flower.  I dig the roughness of the fabric.
* I super glued the three layers together, stuck a gem on top & an alligator clip on the back
*And presto!  A new flower clip.

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