Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simple Hamburgers

-Some of my pictures are blurry.  Apparently I cannot hold super still in a kitchen that has bad lighting-

Today, my husband & I decided that we wanted hamburgers.  We're suckers for hamburgers, or I should say that my husband is a sucker for a hamburger.  Whatever restaurant we go to, if they have hamburgers, he's getting one.  Needless to say, tonight's dinner would have been just fine because we were having hamburgers.
Here's how I make mine:
  • 2 lbs of hamburger meat (I think this particular kind was 85/15)
  • I use these two ingredients to flavor my burgers.  2 T of the seasoning, and a couple (or 10) dashes of the liquid smoke.
  • Dump them in and mix it up

  • I received both of these items as presents & I really like using both of them in making patties.  The scale helps in portion control & the press makes the making of patties less messy.

  • I measure out 5 ozs of meat

  • And squish it into a pattie

  • Out of the 2lbs, I can get 5 5ozs, & 2 5.3 oz patties

  • Grill.  I like using my grill.  I kinda see it as a power tool.....and I love power tools.

  • I served my hamburgers up on a bun w/condiments, pickles & lettuce.  I would have added tomatoes but, ours have not turned red yet.  Summer is almost over & we have not picked one single tomatoe yet.

  • oooh, yummy


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