Sunday, September 19, 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling

My friend is having a baby, and I wanted to make her a more personalized gift for her soon to be little girl.  I found some long-sleeved onesies at Ross's and knew that I wanted to jazz them up, adding that personalized touch.  I've been playing around with Freezer Paper Stenciling, after I read about it on I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar.  Freezer paper stenciling is so much fun, & easy.  I mean you can do anything.  So here's what I did for my friends little girl:
-I cut out her soon-to-be little girls name & painted it onto the shirt-
-Along with that, I had some ruffles to the bum, because I thought it looked cute, & the way the fabric was, it kinda made it edgy.
-My husband & friend met back years ago when they both were serving their missions in the Netherlands.  I asked both of them to give me a Dutch word that meant "precious".  They both came up with the same answer.  Schat actually means treasure in Dutch, but the use of the word would mean precious in English.  That's that first onesie.  The middle one kind-of explains itself; and the last one, I saw the idea somethere & thought it would be cute to monogram her first initial.
It's so nice to give.  And not just give something you found in the store {although there are a lot of cute things sometimes} but give something you put some thought into.  Something you put love into.  That's the best kind of giving.

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