Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Words Their Way

So I've decided to go full force with everything as Jordan goes through his kindergarten year.  I've joined the PTA (James was disappointed that it was not at all like "Weeds"), I'm playing the piano for the kindergarten classes, I've made myself available for volunteering in the classroom, and I'm attending Jordan's school Parent University classes.  Tonight's subject was a program that they've instituted "Words Their Way".  It seems like a pretty cool program.  It's giving flexibility for students & teacher alike in learning how to spell & read words.  No more spelling lists.  So to help Jordan out for his assessment next week, I've decided to make a poster board of the 5 words he'll be tested on.  I figure for each group of words or "sorts" I would cut out the words & put it somewhere in our house so we constantly see it.  Also with these words, since we're just starting out in the reading department, I put a picture next to each word, so we have an idea, and then work on sound out or stretching out the word.

Thanks to my Mom's cricut for making the letters {I'm sorta borrowing it right now}
I'm so excited for Jordan to start reading & spelling!

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