Saturday, September 11, 2010

Magnet Board

I've been wanting to add a message center to our home.  Somewhere-other than the refridgerator-to hang important papers, notes etc...  I was at the Quilted Bear the other day, and there were some booths selling magnet boards, but for a hefty price (the largest one there was $100!!).  I knew that if I could find the metal sheets, I could make my own frame & come out with my own board in the end.  And that's what I did yesterday with Madi-we drove to the home improvement stores to find metal sheets.

What to make your own??

I went to Home Depot first; unfortunately, they didn't have the size that I wanted (but they do have metal sheets).  I then drove over to Lowes, and it was there that I found various sizes of metal sheets.  I decided to get a 24'' x 24'' sheet; and it cost me $10.83.  If you go to either store, save time by asking an associate where to find the metal sheets-I passed by the displays in both stores a couple of times.

While you're at the store, pick up to 2 2 x 4's; I didn't need to because I have a bunch downstairs.

-Miter Saw
-Table Saw
-Air Compressor w/ Nail Gun, Staple Gun

First measure your board.  The sticker said 24'' x 24'', but that first side was a little over 24''.  What I forgot to do when measuring, was take into account that I was making slits for the sheet to sit in.  I've been trying to figure out a way to do it right, but my brain is not wrapping around the concept, so if you attempt this, trial & error.
With the 2 x 4's: cut off one of the ends @ a 45 degree angle
Take your measurement, mark it on the board & make your second cut going the opposite direction
This is what your board should look like.  The top of this board is the same width as the metal sheet.  And I think this is were my problems started.  I had measured all the sides, cut them out, and had this nice frame ready to go; except for the fact that the metal sheet was not sandwiched between the sides.  Because of this, I had to cut the sides & top shorter, and ended up cutting a deeper slit on the top.  Trial & Error folks-remember, this is my first time making one :)
With your table saw:  set your depth to make your groove & then slide all your pieces through.
Put three sides together & pin nails in the corner to secure it.  I also put some staple on top to make it nice and secure.

Slide the metal sheet down, and put the top piece on & secure it.

Give it a little sanding & then paint.  I was going to paint mine a dark brown, so I knew I wouldn't need to prime it.

And here's the finished product:


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  1. I love this type of message board. You did a great job! A miter saw is on my tool list. I have one of those miter boxes that works well but a miter saw? Oh, yes please!


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