Thursday, January 5, 2012

Denim Circle Skirt

My little girl needed a new denim skirt.  Denim skirts go with everything, especially with all the cute tights out there!  The problem was finding a denim skirt.  Enter in Joanns with a Denim Sale {50% off}, and I've made her a pretty cute skirt for half the cost I probably would have spent.

I decided to go with the Circle Skirt from MADE.  Dana does a great tutorial {I mean, I can whip these up in an hour or less}.  I've made Madi previous skirts from this same tutorial & I've been very happy with them.  With this particular skirt, I took my original pattern & extended it 2 inches all the way around because I wanted this to be a bit longer since it's winter.

Madi is loving it!  There was no fuss from her to try it on or even put it on today!

So if you're looking to make your little girls or even yourself a new skirt, check out that tutorial!

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