Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If I'm going to do Something, I might as well go All-the-Way

So I kind of mentioned it in yesterdays post, but I hurt my knee.  I mean...I really hurt my knee.  I was playing indoor soccer two weeks ago, and as I was chasing after the ball, I took a step and that's when it happened.  My knee shifted sideways {at least that is what it felt like}, and I heard at least one pop.  I immediately fell to the ground in pain cradling my knee.  And let me tell ya...I cried like nothing else.  It wasn't a pain that I could just squint my eyes & breath it out.  I had to physically cry the pain out.  The last time I felt that much in pain was when I was labor with my oldest.

My wonderful husband {who was playing with me} carried me off the field, and then out to the car to the ER.  The ER was crazy busy & we were there for 3 hours {start to finish}.  We had x-rays done, which showed that everything was clean bone wise, and told to call a orthopaedic surgeon in the morning.

I went to see the surgeon the next afternoon, and after moving my knee around {ouch}, we decided to wait a week to see how things looked & set-up an MRI.  I had been hemming & hawing over having the MRI done.  It was going to cost a bit of money, and I just wasn't sure....I mean yes, my knee was still swollen & I couldn't bend it or walk on it normal at all.  I guess when it comes to my health, I'm a little more lax.  My parents wouldn't have it though; they've both had knee issues that they didn't take care of when they should of, and became more of an issue for them later on.  So I went and had the MRI done.

~This pic shows how swollen my left leg is compared to my right~

Yesterday, I went for a follow-up with the surgeon, to check up on my knee & go over the results of the MRI.  Guess what I did???
  • Completely Tore my ACL
  • Partially Tore my Meniscus
  • Sprained my MCL
  • and I've got Bone Bruising
Like I said....If I'm going to do something, I might as well go all the way.

I found some pictures online that show what I did:

-the blue pad below is the Meniscus-

Fun huh???

So now I'm scheduled for surgery in two weeks to have it repaired.  I'm young, I have kids, and I still want to play sports, plus I don't want to have further knee problems later on in life, so having surgery is a no-brainer.

I'm glad I've got two weeks to figure & organize everything for being out of commission {there was the possibility of having it this week}.

So if you don't see alot of posts after January 24th, you will know why :)

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