Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Del Monte Fruit Naturals

Lately, I've been following "coupon" sites, and I'm liking it because they find all the deals & tell me what to do.  It's fun to walk out to the mailbox and find free goodies, or get killer coupons off the internet when I go shopping.

One of the sites that I signed up for is Vocalpoint.

I've already scored a free bag of salad, and coupons on juice, and I think there's something else....but I can't think of it.  Anyway.... I got an email for a coupon on Del Monte's Fruit Naturals, and they sent me the link to share on my blog so others can score the coupon as well.

{Click on the image above}

*You'll have to click on the Savings tab, and then sign-up to get the coupon*
I'm going shopping this Friday {payday!!!}, so I'll for sure see if this coupon makes it an awesome my boy needs fruit for his lunches at school, so if it's a great deal, it's great for me ;)


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