Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roman Numeral Anniversary Board

I love it when I follow through on stuff.

A couple weekends ago, I came across THIS, and immediately pinned it.  It's something that I haven't seen, and I thought it would look cute somewhere in my house.

It was fairly simple to make.
  1. Cut board to desired length
  2. Paint Board desired color
  3. Make stencil {I made mine using contact paper}
  4. Paint words
  5. Find spot in house to hang

 Ummm, yeah.   I haven't followed through on step number five....I really have no idea where to put this gem.

So I started carrying the board around the house to figure out where it needed to go.  I thought about putting it on the dining/kitchen wall with some of our engagement pics....

Which would be ok....but I don't know.

And then I took it over to our family picture wall.

I would have to rearrange some pics to make it fit.

I've also realized that I desperately need new family pictures....I'm working on that.

There's also another spot where I've got engagement pics.....

But, it would have to go over the doorway to fit....

And then of course, there's our blank wall.   But I kind of like it blank.
What I really need to do is get a wedding picture printed and framed up, to go with the anniversary date.

Until I figure it out, it'll just hang out here, and confuse the crap out of people :)


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  1. That is SO COOL!!!!

    I love Pinterest. It makes me want to be creative... such COOL ideas!


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