Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11. 2001 : 10 Years ago

As I've been reflecting on this date the last couple of days, I decided to go to my journal and see if one of the few entries I had written was around those dates.
I was in luck. I had written.
What was the most important topic on my mind 10 years ago......
Boys. think that I was a teenager or something ;)
It was a Tuesday. I had History 1700 & Institute that day; followed by work later that afternoon. I remember going and sitting down in class, and doing what I had been doing the last couple of weeks. Our Professor, however, was busy on his cellphone, apologizing, but he was trying to get a hold of his niece in New York. I thought nothing about, except class starting late.
There was an hour between the history class & Institute...I did my normal thing.
While in Institute, in the opening prayer, I think our teacher gave it, but he was praying for everyone in New York. This peaked my cursiosity. Why would we be praying for NY??
It wasn't until I headed over to my friends house for lunch, that she & I learned what had happened that morning. What a horrible, horrible thing.
I went to work that afternoon, and that's what we had on....CNN news recapping the horror that had happened that day. The store was not busy at all; I think everyone was watching tv, no one was interested in renting movies.
Here are my two *short* journal entries from that day:
It's still so very sad to think about all those people that lost their life that day.
I know that I won't forget.

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