Friday, September 30, 2011

My House {A Photographic Journey} : The Kitchen

In an effort to get the camera out more, I thought that I would take pictures each week of a different room in my house.  That's how exciting I am.  I wish that I could go out places and have persons wanting to take their pictures {the kids can handle so much}, but I don't, so I make do.

Today I'm going to show you around my kitchen.

This is my outdated kitchen.  For goodness sakes, I've got metal cabinets.  But {heavy, outward sigh}, I make do.  I function.  I mean, I spend alot of time in here, so I do the best that I can :)

When we first moved into the house, the fridge space was originally where our stove is & vice-versa.  It did not work right.  That's why there's missing upper cabinets {because when my hubby took them down, they wouldn't go back up}, and pine shelves, oh yeah and different colored walls.

We also, at first, had our microwave sitting on the counter {where the dish drainer is now}, but after a year, I decided that I needed more counter space to bake.

One afternoon, while playing with the compound miter saw, my hubby & I decided that we needed to make some shelves.  I put these suckers to good use ;)  Sometimes I think that when we redo the kitchen, I want all open shelving {give me a good excuse to buy new dishes}....makes it so open & homey.

This is all my counter space.  Do you like the eggs on the counter??  People ask about that when they come's Food Networks fault.  Room temperature eggs are better for baking, so when I know I'm going to be baking alot, I leave some out on the counter.

One good thing about metal cabinets....I can use magnets.  It's great to have a recipe right there in front of me when I need it.

Everything that doesn't fit "in"the kitchen, hangs out on the Microwave cart & cabinet.  I'm on the lookout for possibly a new cabinet/buffet that I could possibly redo & replace with these two items.  Condense & streamline :)

Hopefully next year, we'll be redoing the entire kitchen/dining room/hallway.  We've been saving our money so we can have nice new cabinets, countertops {granite}, and tiled floors.  Oh, and a new stove; possibly one with a double oven-that would be awesome for Thanksgiving ;)

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