Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tasty Kitchen Review : Toasted Ciabatta Sandwich with Brie & Bacon

When I was trying to figure out the menu for my family these next two weeks, I needed some inspiration.  I really do like trying other's recipes & sharing my versions & thoughts.  So this time, I went with the Pioneer Woman's "Tasty Kitchen".

I clicked under the Recipes Tab to Main Courses, and set to work finding some new, fun, and exciting recipes.

The first one I'm going to share with you is basically a Grown-Up version of the grilled cheese sandwich.

Toasted Ciabatta Sandwich with Brie & Bacon

-Excuse the Burnt know One minute it's good & the next, your hurridly trying to get the pan out of the oven-

My husband was very surprised that I chose this recipe.  You see, I'm very finicky when it comes to cheese & I don't really like cooking bacon {the smell bugs the crap out of me}.  But I thought that I would try it, I mean I love Ciabatta bread :)

I liked how simple the ingredients were : ciabatta rolls, brie & bacon.  Of course I had to get all cheap & healthy & I bought Turkey Bacon; but the smoky aspect of the bacon was still there & paired very well with the cheese & bread {just like the author of the recipe said it would}.

Now, this isn't an every day meal, but it sure would be something to have again....maybe even with a cup of soup {we ate this sammies with Chips & Edamame}.

Some tips:
  • Since I bought Ciabatta Rolls instead of a loave, I just sliced off a little bit of the top {as seen in the pictures}, and just buttered the tops of the bread.
  • I cooked the bacon on top of a wire rack that was sitting on a foil-lined cookie sheet.  I stuck it under the broiler and let it cook up for a couple of minutes.
  • More so because the top of my stove was occupied with pickling supplies {my hubby was pickling up some beets}, I declined cooking these sandwiches in my skillet.  I instead turned the oven onto 400 degrees and stuck the sandwiches on the same wire rack, and let them cook for at least 5 minutes.  When I noticed the cheese start to melt, I turned the broiler on to brown up the tops {and as you can see, I did it a wee bit too long}.
  • Don't pre-slice your Brie; I thought I was being efficient in doing so, and didn't realize how soft this cheese really is.
    I hope you'll give this recipe a try; I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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